Top Texting Tips (for writers)

Here’s a confession.  I’m a horrible texter.

Shoot, I don’t even know if texter is a word.  Microsoft says no, but it is part of my vocabulary and I stink.  It might be that I use an old phone that’s not really condusive to texting.  It might just be that it seems like too much work.   My kids’ fingers fly and there are times that I wonder if texting is somehow the future of writing.

I hope not.

Still, I’d like to be better at it.  It seems like part of my problem stems from the fact that I simply don’t know all the lingo.  I’m almost convinced that if I did, I could be great.  Or at least better. Maybe?

So, I visited net lingo, a site that bills itself as having the largest list of text and chat acronyms.

It was a lot of fun.

Okay. Fun might be a stretch, but I’m a nerd, so it was fun for me.  And, as I read through all the abbreviations, it occurred to me that a lot of them could work for writers.  We could use them as quickie notes to ourselves when revising our own work or for edits/critique of others. So, as a weird-ish public service announcement I’ve compiled a list, through the letter D.  Here goes:

! – I have a comment
411 – Information
511 – Too much information
AAK – Asleep At Keyboard
AB – Ass Backwards (This one is really useful to me. I tend to get the order of events wrong in first drafts)
ACK – Acknowledgments
ALOL – Actually Laughing Out Loud
AR – Action Required (another way of saying show don’t tell?)
book – It means cool. (I don’t know how to use this, but just thought this would make a lot of writers happy!)
BWTM – But Wait There’s More (this one is good for when you leave out critical info)
CNP – Continued in Next Post
CRAFT – (It’s probably not what you think, it has absolutely nothing to do with craft! *hint* CR = Can’t Remember.  It’s similar to CRAT and CRAWS)
d/c – disconnected
D+M – deep and meaningful
d00d – dude also dewd (this has nothing to do with writing!  It’s just funny that none of these are shorter or easier than the original.)
DENIAL – Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying (extremely clever!)
ditto – Ditto
DNC – Does Not Compute
DNPMPL – Damn Near Peed My Pants Laughing (a good thing if it’s meant to be funny, otherwise…not so much)
DORD – Department of Redundancy Department
DUNA – Don’t Use No Acronyms (you gotta love the grammar)
DRIB – Don’t Read If Busy

And that’s it for the first (and maybe last) installment of texting tips! If you like this, share or LAC* and if it seems like enough people like it, I’ll CFP**

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Top Ten Tools of the Trade

Yes, I know.  Do you really need another top ten list for writers about the things you should have at your fingertips?  Of course you need a laptop and printer ink.  A dictionary and thesaurus.  Probably Strunk and White. But this list is very personal.  These are the things that make me happy both when the story comes easily and when it doesn’t.  So, while it’s not completely original, maybe you’ll see your favorite or discover a new one?

10.  A Clown Fish Flash Drive – Okay, so here’s the deal.   I just saw this today while we were school shopping and I didn’t buy it. But it inspired this post.  And I must have it!  Must!  There is a hen flashdrive too!  So, I’m going back tomorrow and probably by the time you read this post I’ll be very ecstatic owner of both these flash drives.  Do not be jealous—you can buy them for yourself.

9.  Wilson Jones Big Mouth Files – Each manuscript has its own Big Mouth with drafts and research and, well, everything that I scribble on little sheets of paper. I just ordered a bunch more of these on-line.  Love ‘em!

8.  Lots of writing utensils. — Pens, pencils, a sharpener.  Preferably including some wild colors.  If one utensil isn’t channeling your muse switch to another and another and another.  Mine has moody days every so often and that’s when I pull out the heavy artillery—a Sharpie. Tell me, who can resist the feel?  The smell?  Not me or my muse.

7.  A Flip Dictionary – I learned about this from a friend in my critique group and I’m eternally grateful to her.  Thank you Nicole Cabrera!  So here’s the scoop.  It’s not a thesaurus—exactly—but it’s similar, kinda.  It will help you find the term or word that’s eluding you.  It might even get you thinking of a whole new story to tell.  I just can’t emphasize how totally awesome it is.

6.  My children – What they say and do is a constant source of inspiration.         Enough said.

5.  YouTube – An invaluable resource for history, for quick visualizations, for music, et cetera.  On the book that will release this fall, some scenes were fleshed out by  YouTube videos.  (I’ll share which ones in another post soon.)

4.  Books about writing – I have an entire shelf dedicated to these, plus a file on my Kindle.  Yes, of course, I have Strunk and White but prefer Stephen King’s On Writing or Robert’s Rules of Writing by Robert Masello.

3.  Stationery – I have a crazy obsession with spirals, a notebooks, and memo pads.  They must scream elementary school, middle school, high school.  Anything but professional. Don’t judge. Some women have a hard time resisting shoes

2.  My library – for many, many, many reasons.

1.  Books in print and especially on my Kindle – When I think back on my AHA! Moments, they all came reading someone else’s writing.  A skill—like voice, for example—never sunk in until I was curled up with a book and then…Voila! It suddenly made sense.  Those moments used to come while reading printed books but now more often than not it’s during an e-book.  Yep.  that’s right. I’ve become a Kindle convert. And here’s another confession:  I was given my Kindle as a gift and refused to read anything on it for six months. Then when I finally I did, I was hooked. It’s now loaded up with well over one hundred books.  I carry it everywhere.

Well, almost everywhere.

So that’s my list of items that inspire and support my writing.  What’s your favorite?  Anything that I should run out and buy?  Um, after the Clown Fish Flash Drive or another spiral, that is.

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