Music Monday — Can’t Stop by RHCP

Yep, It’s Music Monday.  I feel like rock today and this song — Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers — is sort of an anthem of mine, because of the feeling it evokes.  The lyrics are obscure and a little unusual, even for them.  Even so, there are some that are incredible. Like:  music the great communicator or this life is more than just a read through.

Still, I gotta say, with this song it’s all about the feeling, so please don’t ask for an interpretation.  And, for me, this video doesn’t really cut it.  Because it’s completely different than the movie in my mind when I hear this song.  So, if you find the video distracting (and you might), close your eyes and just listen.

P.S.   If you happen to know a great place for me to find audio files on the web that I could use for WordPress posts, would you leave a message?  TY.


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Carry This Picture

So, it’s Music Monday a couple hours late.  This song has a story, for sure.  See what you think it is.

That is all.

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Music Monday — the first

For me, music and writing are inextricably interwoven.  Music inspires my writing and on rare occasions my muse has played practical jokes on me, giving me a storyline that parallels an existing  song and video so closely that it’s eerie.  It’s happened to me twice.  I (and some of my friends) have  ended up with goose bumps, or rather ostrich bumps.  It’s been that creepy.

I’ll save those stories (and videos) for another day, but with this post I’m introducing Music Monday.  I’m not sure what Music Monday will become.  But I’d like other writers to guest blog about the song that inspired them to write their book.  Or a song that matches their book.  I’d also like to put up music that makes me feel like there is a story embedded in the song.  Sometimes there are songs that feel like they existed before the first time we heard them and for me, Drive by Incubus is one of those songs.  So, I hope you’ll kick back and listen.  Maybe this song will inspire you.  Maybe your muse will show you the story inside.

Oh!  And BTW, I’d love to host any guest bloggers who would like to talk about a song and how it inspired their writing, so if this interests you, give me a holler.   And now I hope you enjoy this song.

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