An Interview with Kai Strand

Way, way, way back in April and May, Grace, the flighty Angel in Training main character from Winging It!, interviewed a whole bunch of authors. But there were two particular favorites of mine who were left out:  Kai Strand and Guido Henkel. So, we’re going to resurrect (please excuse the pun) the interviews. Today, you’ll have the chance to get to know Kai a little better. And on Monday, please look for Guido’s interview.

Okay, time to turn the reins over to Grace.

Hey Kai!  It’s really great to meet you, especially since I already got to know your MC earlier this year over at your blog. Let’s get started. Your Muse must be doing a great job inspiring you.  What’s the next project they’re helping you out on?

I’ve been tapping into my teenage muse’s mind recently to work on a new young adult novel. A boy, a girl, lots of sweaty palms and palpitating hearts. It’s fun.

Well, palpitating hearts sounds good, although sweaty palms just sounds, I don’t know… sweaty.  Can you tell me which of your characters you are most like? Please don’t say the sweaty one. 😉

I’m an incurable priss, so is Natalie, the main character in my new tween novel, SAVE THE LEMMINGS! I’m not intelligent like she is, though. Luckily for me I had great friends growing up, who managed to overlook my need to not only follow rules but also enforce them. Natalie’s friends are the same. They tease her a bit, but truly it’s why they love her.

I get that. Natalie kind of grew on me, too, by the end of the interview in April.

Um, my author makes me ask this next question. You don’t have to answer it, but you probably will if you’re a by-the-book gal.

 Do you have a favorite book? Of all time?

I don’t do favorites because they change with my moods or the weather or life’s circumstances. But I have a healthy appreciation for Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire. Emotional, epic, harrowing, sweet, heartbreaking and there’s a dragon. It is such a complete tale.

And it’s soooo long, too. 

Okay, changing topics. In your opinion what makes a guy character swoony-worthy?

It’s the little things; hands touching, lingering look, barely there smile. Oh and really good hair.

Good hair grooming is a plus.  I just love Victor’s sun-streaked…um, sorry for the digression, but you are so right about the little things. Now, if Mr. Good Hair were to say…take you to a rock concert in Heaven, who would you go see? (*hint* you have to pick someone who is dead)

Dude, the true rockers aren’t dead yet. AND they’re still rockin’. Look at Steven Tyler!

I know, dude. He looks like a lady and has good hair!

Seriously, even though I am a rocker, I’d actually want to see Mozart. What I wouldn’t give to see him in action. To watch him be transported into his own music would be the ultimate. I’d really love to watch him compose. But I would need his thoughts to play out loud. Does he hear the full symphony or each individual instrument?

Huh. I don’t know, but if I ever run into him, I’ll ask. Ready for another 180 degree change in direction? Don’t answer. You’ll get used to me hopping all over the place. (I hope)

 It’s confession time.  What’s your biggest writing sin?

 Remember that admission about me being an incurable priss?


Not being able to break rules?

I believe I said I remembered.

Yeah, I’m not one to have big confessions. I’d say my biggest ‘sin’ is lack of writing discipline. Since that is so boring, I’ll move on to the next question.

Okay, and sorry if I seemed a little rude there. We actually have a group of undisciplined writers from the first set of interviews. (If you missed them the first time they started here., but please finish Kai’s interview before you go linking off.) They call themselves procrastinators and my author is guilty as sin.

 Now, I think I know the answer to this one. Are you more of a rule follower or a rebel?   

 As previously stated – rule follower.

HA! You got me. But, why?

I have no idea why. I have a son who is like me and I always feel a bit sorry for him because I know he’ll never be able to truly relax – unless it is written into the rules somewhere.

Aww…that makes me kinda sad, too. Okay, I’m going to write one for him, and you too.

Kai and her son, I command you to relax.

*whispers* This doesn’t carry the same weight as if it came from The Big Guy, himself, but I am an Angel in Training, y’know? Besides, it’s such a priviledge to be able to help you Humans out.  Now, what — other than your Muse, of course — inspires you?

 Music, nature, children, joy, reading, necessity.

I love that! Especially the thing about necessity!

 And, what do you want readers to take from your books.

I want readers to know that the choices life presents are sometimes really flippin’ hard to decide on and even harder to act on. It’s important to pull up the proverbial bootstraps and do the hard work.  My middle grade novel, The Weaver, is about a girl who can’t get better at telling stories until she applies some hard work and persistence. My upcoming novel, SAVE THE LEMMINGS!, is about a girl who has to restore her reputation after being the recipient of media bashing.

But I said sometimes. When the choices aren’t hard, readers should enjoy their life, their love and their blessings, which both girls do in my books.

That is really awesome, Kai. Life isn’t easy, even for Angels. Is there anything you’d like me to mention to yours?  I mean your Guardian Angel.  ‘Cause I totally have contacts.

Can you please tell him or her what a rock star I think they are? I’ve never broken a bone and have only a few gray hairs. I stay calm during a crisis and only fall apart after safety is restored. The only thing I’d ask is if they see my metabolism (which died and went to heaven a few years back), could they somehow restore it to me so I can eat all the pizza I want again? Those days I miss.

That’s really nice. It sounds like you have a Guardian that works as hard as you do, and, I’ll see what I can do about the metabolism-pizza request.

Thanks for hosting me today, Grace! If your readers would like to know more about my writing and me, they can visit I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter (@KaiStrand).

You are very welcome, Kai and I’ll turn you back over to Shel now.    

Kai, thanks so much for mentioning where you are on the web and I’d like everyone to know they can find SAVE THE LEMMINGS here. And your second new release—you’ve been very busy this summer— THE WISHING WELL here.  I haven’t had a chance to read either of these yet, but I did read THE WEAVER and it was beautifully written.

So, check ‘em out and then come back on Monday for my friend, Guido.

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