The last leg of the tour

I’ve just about wrapped up the blog tour.  This is how I’m feeling.

Thank God for coffee.

Okay, so back on November 4th, I posted about my first three stops.  This feels like it was a year ago.

Then on November 21st, I posted about stops #5, 6, 7 and 8.  That was, y’know, a couple months ago.

So, here’s a confession:  I missed #4, which was when the lovely Kai Strand hosted me for a Three Times A Charm post where I blab about some favorite books, favorite fun things to do, and, um, music.  (sorry Kai)

Fast forward to today:

This week, #9 I’m at Marie Symeou’s blog as part of a series of author interviews she’s running.  Coming up are stops #10 through #15. Or maybe #16, I’m not sure which.   I’ve also lost track of the exact dates for some, but here are the links and I’ll update this post as the details come.

Heidi Hall, aka WriterGurl1, is running a flirty, fun, fantastic series of author interviews where we all answer important questions, especially one about sunglasses.  Please look for my interview and be sure to check out the others, too.  Especially if you like chick-lit!

Kate Ellison is running an incredible promotion from December 12th – December 20th at her Southern Scrawl blog where she’s giving away books and more books.  I’ve donated an e-book and paperback of Dolphin Girl and will be revealing my favorite secondary character.  (Hint:  it’s not who you think.)

On December 13th,  My indie, my tea and me is posting a review of Dolphin Girl. I have no idea what they’re going to say.  LOL.  So, it might seem like I’m taking a huge risk to post the link to their review and, well honestly, I am.  But I’ve said to everyone that it’s an honor for someone to invest their time to read my book.  I’m also grateful for bloggers who think critically about their reviews and this blog does.  So, that’s why the link, before the rating.  Besides, deciding to indie pub was a much scarier risk, so you already know I’m a little like five-year-old Jane — either really brave or really stupid.

The Indie Book Collective is running  a Blowout for the Twelve Days of Christmas (December 12-24).  I’m one of the featured books on December 15th.  There’s no interview or post with this stop, but if you visit their site any time during the promo you can enter to win a  gift cards, gift baskets and a Kindle!  PLUS, you’ll find lots of e-books on sale.

Home.  On December 3oth.  I’m doing a Five in Five  interview with Whatcha’ Reading Now? which was a lot of fun because I got to answer silly, random questions! Plus as a bonus I got to hang with writer-pal Kerry Cerra. Plus, I’m giving away a signed book to someone who is randomly drawn from Kerry’s magic coffee mug.

Then after the first of the year — January 10-15 to be precise — I’ll be at the Great Minds Read Aloud Literary community, which is sorta like a book club, sorta like a review blog, has a forum and is pretty cool.  But wait!  That’s 2012 and I’ll post again before then.  Also, I’m pretty sure (but not completely sure) that there will be another stop or two mixed in there, but I’ll catch you up on those later.

Next week, I promise to post on something random.  In fact, it’ll be so random that I still have no idea what it’ll be about. 🙂


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