Music Monday — RHCP’s Give It Away

I’m a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers because their music is uniquely theirs and soulful and…interesting.  “Give It Away” is the first thing I ever heard by them and it astounded me.  The song was completely different from anything else being played at the time.  I watched the video again yesterday when I was mulling over this post and it still stuns.  It’s so raw.

So, why this song?  Now?

Because I’m Giving It Away.  Now.

Over at Goodreads, I’m giving away five paperback copies of Dolphin Girl.  The giveaway has been up for a couple weeks and already more than 300 people have entered to win, which is pretty exciting to me.  Every time I stop by the page to see how it’s going , more people have entered or added Dolphin Girl to their bookshelves.  It’s as shocking as the song!  🙂

As I write this post, there are precisely 15 days, 21 hours, 14 minutes and 21 seconds, 20, 19, 18 left before Goodreads does some kind of random selection (it’s not me) and they send me the five winners.  It could be you.  So, if you haven’t entered and you’d like to, click here. 

If you don’t want to enter, then you can just listen to some RHCP.


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Swan Part 2 — The Big Reveal

So, here’s The Big Reveal.  You already knew it wasn’t a swan, right?

The paperback will be on sale November 1, 2011 at Amazon for $9.99.

The e-book is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, and Amazon FR, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords for $2.99 or a comparable amount in euros/pounds.

Through November 3, 2011 I am giving away 150 copies of the e-book for Free at LibraryThing.  Yes, free.

So, I hope you’ll stop by and pick up a free book or sample at one of the on-line retailers and if you like what you read, purchase a copy for yourself.  Or a teen girl in your life.  Or your next door neighbor. Or a cousin or something.  *grins*

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Music Monday — Taylor Swift

So this might seem really, really, really different than  the songs I ordinarily feature on Music Mondays.  But, I love the high school first love feel of this song.  I blogged here about how Linkin Park’s song Numb feels a lot like the story I tell in Dolphin Girl.  But if that song tells the story of Jane’s family and her struggle with isolation, this song tells the story of the romance with Sam.

One is edgy, one is sweet.  Smoosh ’em together and you’ll get Jane’s vibe.

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Is your muse like my muse?

What is your muse like?  Do they show up when you least expect it? Unannounced, like a relative or friend that barges in when you’ve got a ton of other things to do?

Or do they sometimes whisper so softly that it’s hard to hear them?

Have they ever take a vacation and forget to tell you they’re going?

Mine–and I love him or her–does all of the above.  But the thing that really blows me away is that sometimes mine can be a bit show-off-y. You might wonder what I’m talking about here. So I’ve got to tell you this one story.

I mentioned in an earlier post, right here,  about two times my muse has shown me something through music.  This story is about the second time.  I’ll save the first time for later.

So, a few months back, I was working on  my novel, Dolphin Girl, and I was thinking about how a theme in the book dealt with her being tugged on by an undertow or pulled along by a current beyond her control.  While I was thinking, a song came on the radio, an old song that I hadn’t heard in a long time.  “Numb” by Linkin’ Park.  Do you know the song?

Anyway, the lyrics “under the surface” and “caught in the undertow” along with some others really hooked my imagination.  This song completely summed up exactly how Jane, the main character, was feeling! I couldn’t remember ever seeing the video, so I wrote Numb on a slip of paper and set it aside to look up the video later.

Fast forward a couple of days, maybe a week, and I find the paper–LOL, yeah, that’s how I roll with my muse–and decide to watch the video.  Can you say creeped out?  I’m embedding the video below so you can watch it, but I’ll just mention that in the book Jane is an artist who has always her sketch pad with her.  The relationship with her mother is stifling and she’s got some issues with cliques at school. Beyond that, there are a few other doozies that are eerily, eerily similar. I literally shivered when I watched this video.  ‘Cause my muse was showing off, that’s why.   So, if you’re maybe a little curious about the book or about the song, here it is.  Oh, one more thing, if you know my writing, pay attention to her first sketch.  No, it’s not a dolphin, but you’ll see. Shiver.  See?  Show off.

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How to use YouTube as inspiration

A little while back–right here to be precise–in a post about writing tools, I mentioned that YouTube can be invaluable.  I even promised to show you how I used YouTube as research for one of my novels.  So, here’s the post to keep that promise.

In Dolphin Girl, there is an important  scene where the main character, Jane, swims with the dolphins. So, because I live in Florida, I drove down to the Keys to do a dolphin swim in a more natural environment.  It was amazing and I was able to use a lot of it in writing the scene.  But even with the luxury of personal experience, the scene still wasn’t right.

The problem?  During my “real life” swim, my head stayed above water for the entire time and with Jane’s swim it was taking part mostly beneath the surface.  I wrote the scene  and wrote it and wrote it, but it kept coming out one dimensional.  Enter YouTube.  Check out this video:

In Dolphin Girl, the two dolphins end up playing the bubble scene with Jane. Here’s another video I used.  This one gave me the underwater sound experience.  Plus it was great to see this real life dolphin girl.

Cool, huh?  The clicks and creaks and bubbles and silence. These videos changed the way I wrote the scene and it became less about the action, more dream-like.  I think.  At least that’s what I was aiming for.

Anyway, I’m sure this won’t be the only book where I’ll tap into YouTube for help.  It seems like it would be great for figuring out setting. Or even to help picture a not-quite-fully-fleshed-out character.  In the meantime, I’m really curious, have you ever used YouTube for your writing?  If so, please leave a comment and let me know how.  If not, you can leave a comment anyway. 🙂

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Music Monday with U2

Jane, the main character in Dolphin Girl, definitely gets herself stuck in a moment.  Don’t we all?  So, this song has always felt like it’s a good fit for the book .  It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message.  Hope you enjoy it.

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