Music Monday — We Can Work It Out


It’s at the heart of every good story. It can be the main character versus nature, or society, or themselves, but often it’s shown through conflict with another character. Recently, I’ve re-immersed myself into the POV of Grace Lightbourne, the impulsive and sometimes outspoken Angel in Training from WINGING IT!  Grace seems to end up at odds with so many characters — Archangel Michael, fellow Guardian Aisha, her Dominion-roomie Faith.  But, I was writing a scene in the second book where Grace has a dispute with Mercy, and it made me uncomfortable.  So, it was time to take a break, and take a walk.

In go the ear buds, on goes Pandora, and then comes this song (which, BTW, I hadn’t heard in a long time.) It reminded me that the conflict with Grace and Mercy can be worked out, and to just go ahead and write the scene.

Tension between people who care about each other is normal and natural. In fact, it’s a lot easy to let things go when you don’t care, right?

In MY WISHFUL THINKING, two best friends, Logan and Emily, must share a genie, which inevitably leads to conflict.  In DOLPHIN GIRL Jane has conflict with her mom, but loves her with all her heart.  Both of those conflicts made the story stronger and I hope made my readers care more deeply about the outcome. So, having faced my fear of conflict, it’s back to writing the story.

Oh, and if you’re curious about the conflict between Logan and Emily in MY WISHFUL THINKING, it’s featured today over at the Free Kindle books and Tips blog.


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Some Rumors Confirmed

It seems like I always include fantastical things in my books, so these three things seemed–I don’t know…interesting.

Dolphins Talk  — In Dolphin Girl, Jane speaks with the dolphins. I don’t know if you saw this piece on the TODAY Show about the beluga whale named NOC (pronounced No Sea), who learned how to vocalize in a lower octaves, which sound remarkably human. Here’s a link to YouTube where you can listen to the whale’s conversation.  I wonder what he’s saying?  Any guesses?

Guardian Angels Exist — In Winging It!, Grace is an Angel-in-Training who is skipping school to try to earn her wings while serving as an apprentice. In yet another clip from the TODAY Show, here’s a real-life guardian angel. In fact, I’m writing a new story for Grace where she spends a bit of time in the hospital with her Assignment.  Look for Gifted! soon.

Wishes Granted —  In My Wishful Thinking, Logan and her best friend Emily share a genie, who grants anything they desire. Sorry but I don’t have a clip from TODAY (yet). But I did have a few wishes granted.  Namely that the proof of the paperback arrived today and it’s ready to go and the ebook is already for sale at Amazon. And! My Wishful Thinking is a POTW (Pick of the Week) by Orangeberry. All in all, some nice wishes granted.

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12 Ways Books are like Babies

Dolphin Girl turns one today.

It seems absolutely amazing to say this, given that I thought it was doomed to be a dusty drawer book.  While it’s been awhile since I was a new parent, I can’t help but think how much all the ups and downs of this past year are like having a new baby. So, here are some of the similarities I’ve noticed.

1. Sleepless nights.

Coming up with scenes for the next book? Remembering something you forgot to do? A Kindle Select free run, anyone? Are these the things that woke you up or kept you up?  They were for me.

2. Checking to make sure the baby is alive.

The book equivalent of tiptoeing into the nursery is signing into KDP to check your sales. If you hit refresh-refresh-refresh, you probably were the type of parent that would wake your baby just to make sure.

3. Less social life and free time.

You receive an invitation to hang with friends, but you’re involved in something else for the book. It could be a blog tour, or promotion, or interview or, or, or…

So you decline and watch over your book instead.  If only there were book babysitters, then you could still go out and phone home ten times to see how things are going.

4. You must fight the urge to over share.

When you do finally go out, you must fight this with all your will power.  You know those parents that have hundreds of pictures and want to tell you about diaper changes. Don’t be that person. No one cares that you need one more review before ENT will feature your book.  No one.

Well, maybe  other authors at KB, but that’s it.

5. The weight you put on is worth it.

The biggest, most disappointing difference is that you don’t immediately lose weight when you release a book. But really, who cares about buying new clothes? You wear a lot of sweat pants when you write, anyway.

Take heart. It will come off, but it requires a determination that you never needed bb (before book or before baby, whichever you prefer).

6. You never realized how much stuff it would require.

Babies need strollers, binkies, bottles, and lots and lots of clothes. Books need covers, a web site, editing, social media, and blog posts with adorable pictures like this one.

7. The support you get from others (and who gives it) surprises you.

You think grandma will be the biggest fan of your baby (and maybe your book, too).  But it doesn’t always happen that way.  In fact, a lot of your support comes from those who are going through the same trials at the same time.

8. Nothing is just yours any longer.

With babies, you are required to share more. With writing, the book is what you share. And sharing your book is waaay scarier than sharing your stuff, because now you’re out there for everyone to see. Don’t fret. It’ll be okay and you’ll even get used to it.

9. You let go of perfection.

Your house is not as clean, because there are so many book-ish things that need your attention first. When you find the time to clean, you’d rather write. Not only are you forced to handle house stuff differently, but also somewhere in that first year, you realize your child – the book – is not perfect either.

Oh, well. Nothing is.

10. The second child doesn’t get as much attention.

You fully intend to not fall into the trap of not giving as much to your second book (or your second child), but it happens the all the same.  Because you still love your first book and you can’t just drop it like a hot potato, so now your love is spread around, perhaps a bit thinner.  It’s not that you love it any less, but it can never be the one and only.

11. You believe once again in the things you believed as a child.

You begin to believe in magic and luck. Perhaps you’ll be visited by the book version of the tooth fairy–the Amazon fairy, who deposits sales into your KDP account late at night while you sleep.

12. It doesn’t really change you.

With a baby you’re now A MOM.  With your book you can call yourself AN AUTHOR (if you want). But those titles don’t change who you are at your core.  Your values are still the same. And as much as we all would like the event to magically transform us, and make us better than we were before, it doesn’t.

So, here are my top twelve.  There are others and maybe you even have a favorite.

Each book only gets one first birthday, and to celebrate this one for Dolphin Girl, I’ve lowered the price to 99 cents.  You can find it here at Amazon  

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Dolphins are like junior high school girls?

A super quick post today.  At the beginning of August the LA Times ran this story ,which asserts dolphins are like  junior high school girls because they hang out in cliques based on certain social behaviors.

I thought the article was really cool, especially since I used pods in Dolphin Girl as a metaphor for cliques, but I think the LA Times got one thing wrong. Cliques don’t just exist for junior high school girls. They exist in high school and adulthood, boys and girls, men and women. I consider political parties, religions, special interests or any way that someone might label themselves as the definition of an elite social group.

It seems we don’t outgrow it when we turn fourteen. Or fifteen. Or even sixteen.

My cliques are: wife, mom, mom of teenager (because this is a special badge of honor), sports mom (this badge requires an even greater commitment), Catholic, writer, reader, storyteller, indie-pubbed, daughter, aunt, sister, dog lover, dolphin lover, music lover, cookie baker, dieter, art appreciator, …etc.

What cliques are you a member of?

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Michael Phelps, the Olympics and Writing

Doesn’t he remind you of Sam?

It seems hard to believe that four years ago I was hard at work on a major revision of Dolphin Girl, pulling apart every chapter in an effort to make the story more focused.  In the book, Jane, the main character, has a crush on a popular athlete Sam Rojas.  In the original version, Sam was a baseball player.

During the revision, I spent a lot of time thinking about why Jane felt a connection with dolphins and why she felt a connection to Sam, too. I believe I had an a-ha moment during Michael Phelps’s 200 butterfly in 2008.

It went something like this – Omigod, he’s Sam.

Phelps even looked a little bit like the way I’d already written Sam—tall, gangly arms, boyish grin.  The only problem was Sam played baseball and he needed to be a swimmer so that dolphin girl Jane could have her dolphin boy.

Out of the Olympic swimming, came huge slashes to the manuscript and new chapters. I obsessed about everything Phelps-ian. In one of his races his goggles filled with water, so I used that. Sam shows Jane how to use the goggles before her swim with the dolphins and he tells her it sucks when you get water in them. And, at a swim meet Jane is there to photograph Sam as he swims the fly. She wishes momentarily that she could be on the bottom of the pool to capture his swim from a dolphin’s point of view. If you’ve spent any time watching NBC’s coverage, they definitely have the dolphin-cam.

All of this proves, that writers write when we’re not in front of a computer, which means no one should feel bad about slacking. Life is our material.

I’ve been spending a lot of time watching the Olympics and Phelps…and other sports, too.  Dolphin Girl is already written and I doubt there will be any kind of sequel, but who know what material might come from other events.

At the beginning of this year’s games, I was heartbroken (like some other Phelps fans, I’m sure) with his fourth place finish. Fourth in the world didn’t make him a slouch, but I wanted more for Michael/Sam. So…I was extremely happy that the games turned around for him. It’s been wonderful to follow his success and as he swam the medley relay last night, I hoped that Phelps might swim one event—a fly—in Rio.

But, if he doesn’t, there’s always YouTube.  🙂

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An Interview with me

Hi Everyone!

So this seems a little kooky, but Grace the main character of my novel Winging It!, wants to interview me.  If you’ve been following along with the series you know she can be a real PIA, but I’ve agreed to go along, because…well…she probably won’t leave me alone if I don’t.

Before we get started, here’s a little description of the book:

Ever decided to do something that seemed like a good idea and in the second before there’s no turning back think, I musta been totally mental when I came up with this? And, then, Oh, well, here goes.

That’s how Angel-In-Training Grace Lightbourne felt right before she asked the Big Kahuna to go straight to Earth on a mission as a Guardian Angel. The problem? She never was a great student and now she won’t even finish her last three years of school. To make matters worse, Archangel Michael isn’t happy about her special assignment, but Grace is convinced she’s on a fast track to her wings. How hard can it be? She’s working with humans, after all.

Winging It!, the first book in the Angel-in-Training series, is an irreverent, light hearted take on Angels, Heaven and everything else that’s divine.

Ready, Grace?

Hey! That’s a picture of me on the cover.


I was having a good hair day dontcha think?


Okay, right, so I guess we ought to start.

Probably a good idea.

So Shel, you have two books—one starring moi—which means your Muse is hard at work.  What is she helping you on at the moment?

I’m finishing up a book which isn’t titled yet, but might be called My Wishful Thinking about two best friends who end up sharing a geeky genie. After that’s done, I’ll be jumping back into the second book about you and working through some of the gnarly pieces.

Don’t you think it would be better to work on the book about me now? 

 I really don’t, because the genie book is so close to complete and after it’s done you can have my full attention.

 If you say so.  I’m curious, especially since I’m one of your characters, which one are you most like? *whispers behind cupped hand*and please don’t say that whiny artist in Dolphin Girl.

 I heard that, and Jane is not that whiny.  But, to answer your question, there’s a little bit of me in all the characters. Even you, I’m afraid.

  But who are you most like?

 Hmm…probably Aisha. She was your GA, after all.

 Really? She makes me crazy, but, I guess I like her all right. 

 That’s good because she’s going to be your roomie in the next book.

 Oh, God!!  Nooooooo!

 Yep.  What’s your next question?

 Can we talk about changing the Aisha thing?


 Fine. You came up with this next question, so don’t act like you didn’t. What’s your favorite book of all time.

 I love lots of books, but my absolute favorite is To Kill A Mockingbird. I’ve read and re-read and re-read and only love it more each time.

You know that was one of Sibel Hodge’s favorites.  Now let’s talk swoony-worthy guys.  What in your opinion makes a guy swoon-worthy? And specifically how did you come up with Victor for me?

Well emotionally, I love a little verbal banter and a sense of humor is great. Physically, I have to get a picture of the character in mind and for you I used this picture of William Levy.  This was a couple years before his Dancing with the Stars fame, but I knew I had the right look when one of my critique partners said, “Now that’s a Victor I can get on board with.”

That does look a lot like Victor. Thanks for that!

Haha! No problem.

*Ahem* Maybe we should get back to the interview.  If you could go to a rock concert in Heaven, who would you go see?

I wouldn’t want to miss any concerts because I love music, especially rock, but if I had to pick one it’d be George Harrison. It’d be something to see Give Me Love in Heaven.

Wow, I really expected you to pick something with a harder sound.

 Well, Jimi would be awesome, too.

Gonna change topics on you.  It’s *drum roll* Confession Time. What’s your biggest writing sin?

I think you’ve already told everyone it’s procrastination, remember? We’ve got the support group going and I’m working on it.  But today, for example, I’m doing this interview with you instead of working the genie story.

*huffs* Don’t blame me. We’re almost done, and then you can get back to that other book.

 Next question: Are you more of a rule follower or a rebel?

Rebel with a cause.


I’m okay with bending or breaking any rules as long as there’s an excellent reason for doing it.

 Hmmm…so is that one of the ways you’re like me?


 So, what inspires you to bend or break rules?



 I can’t think of any situation or rule that isn’t trumped by love. And I hope that’s what inspires my writing, too.

 Aww….that’s so true. I hope it inspires you, too. So, what message do you want readers to take from your books?

 This is really the hardest question you’ve asked me!  I’ll try to explain using my *other* book, Dolphin Girl, okay?

 *huffs* Fine.

 Dolphin Girl is about being true to yourself and being happy with that. It’s about losing any expectations of perfection. It’s about empathy and forgiveness. That’s a lot of themes flying around.  Whenever I think about my readers, I don’t think I want them to “get” this.  Instead, I think I hope this book makes it to readers who can find something useful in it.

Oh. Makes sense to me.   

 Okay, last question. Is there anything you’d like me to mention to your Guardian Angel? ‘Cause I totally have contacts.

I know you do!  Please let her know how grateful I am for everything. And…um…if she could help me figure out the housekeeping thing, that’d be great!

 Will do and—ssh—you have to promise not to tell, but I heard there’s some help on that coming soon.

 Hey there!  Shel’s book Winging It! features me and that Victor guy up above. So, you should probably check it out here:


 And follow her on the web:  



 Or sign up for her mailing list, which will only go out once or twice a year, because she does procrastinate.  She’ll let you know what’s going on with her books, like the new one with me. 

Mailing list:

 Thanks, Grace.  Especially for the mailing list plug.

Have a great weekend, all!  See you soon.

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An Interview with Brina Courtney


Today I’m excited to have YA author Brina Courtney on the blog.  Her Cryptid Tales are a blend of sci-fi, paranormal and a little romance, too. Before I turn her over to Grace, here’s a little bit about the first book in the series, Reveal.

Shay Tafford’s childhood has been fatherless, filled instead with memories of speaking to those who have passed on. She does this while hiding her unique ability from those living around her. She can’t tell her best friend, or her brother, and she definitely can’t confide in her psychologist mother for fear of her mom locking her up.That’s why it’s been comforting to have Jeremy, a seventy year old child ghost, as her confidante. But recently he’s been absent, perhaps lost as her father is.  When Shay meets Hugh, the boy she’s had a crush on for weeks, and finds he can speak to ghosts too she’s just starting to find a normalcy in her life. But as Hugh reveals the truth to Shay, about who she really is and about what it is she can do, he erases all chances she had at a normal existence.  Turns out talking to ghosts is just scratching the surface of her genetically engineered gifts. Shay learns she may be part of an age old prophecy that could save an entire race of beings. But can she?

Now there is the threat of an attack from a dark force with unlimited power and she must decide if she accepts her fate as a part of the prophecy.  Can Shay and Hugh defeat this evil and save the people they love, before they too are lost forever?

Okay, Grace, take it away.

Wow, Brina! That sounds pretty scary and the cover is spooky, too. Your Muse must be doing a great job inspiring you. What’s the next project they’re helping you out on?

Well my Muse being Adele I feel like it should be some angsty break up novel, but instead it’s a short story collection all about horrible dating, and kids throwing stuff. Like poop. Yep it’s a book about poop.

Adele the singer?  My author ❤ her. And how cool that you’re writing short stories. They’re perfect for take it anywhere Kindle reading. 

So are you like one of your new poop throwing characters or one of the characters from your Cryptid Tales?

I would like to pretend Shay is the kick butt version of myself, but I’d be lying. However there is definitely a little bit of me in her.

Sssh.  Never admit that you’re not kick butt.  Let it be your mantra: I, Brina Courtney am kickbutt.  Like that, okay?

Now don’t kick my butt over this next question, because nobody likes it. What’s your favorite book of all time?

Harry Potter. I am such a potterhead.

Excellent! And it didn’t even throw you for a sec. Now, in your opinion what makes a guy character swoony-worthy? (in HP for me it was Cedric Diggory)

He respects a woman, for her beauty both in and out. And I was a beauty queen so I feel like I get to say that. And if he has an accent or uniform, major brownie points.

Yep, especially a British accent – like Cedric. Or better yet Prince Harry (not Potter).

Now if you could go to a concert with the uniformed, accented one who respects your inside and outside beauty—yes, we’re talking Heaven—who would you see?

Hmmmm… tough. How about not a rock concert?

Sure, okay.

I think seeing Beethoven play would be pretty epic and life changing. Do I get to come back after?

Back to Earth? Well, no. But it can still be life changing—roll over Beethoven.

Can you imagine that twitpic? “Hey it’s just me with B, we’re bffs now.”

Ha! That would be cool. Hey, anything is possible in Paradise. So, gonna change topics on you.  It’s *drum roll* Confession Time. What’s your biggest writing sin?

I eat, a lot. A lot of chocolate, actually. I need to stop writing, and start walking a bit more. And stop eating. I can tell you right now two of those things won’t happen.

Haha! Great confession. My author does these high-stepping marching things to try to combat writer’s butt and I can’t even tell if it’s working or not.

So, chocoholic isn’t a horribly sinful. Are you more of a rule follower or a rebel?

Rule follower.


I’m a teacher so I have to enforce the rules and I realize how important they are. Especially for kids, we make rules to keep them safe. They’re important. I am also a goodie goodie.

Hmmm…I’ve never had much success with teachers, or rules for that matter, but I’m a goodie goodie, too.  Now, I’m curious about how you get inspired.  Adele…yes. Chocolate…probably. Exercise…not so much.  What else?

Other books, teenagers, the weather, flowers, my dogs, friends, family, chocolate… cheerleading. A lot of stuff, oh syfy channel, movies, TV shows, music, art.

Ah, so chocolate is a definite.  And, I love your list Brina! Especially that teenagers inspire you, since you’re writing for them.  Ideally, what would you like them to take from your books?

The author’s note in my next novel, Capture, is all about how it’s ok to be different. I’m different and I turned out just fine.

I’m different too and, you’re right, it is 100 percent fine. .

Okay, last question. Is there anything you’d like me to mention to your Guardian Angel? ‘Cause I totally have contacts.

Dude, sweet!

Ummm… yeah, let’s get to work on that whole pony thing. I’ve been asking the big man upstairs about that for a while. He’s related to Santa right? I mean they have to have each other on speed dial by now. K? Thanks!

Sssh…don’t tell, but I recently learned it’s actually the same guy, like the Clark Kent/Superman secret identity thing.  But, anyway, yeah—one pony comin’ up.

Hey there!  Brina’s Cryptid Tales have great reviews on Amazon. Here’s where you can go to check them out.


And follow her on the web, especially on Twitter in case she gets that pic of Beethoven.!/BrinaCourtney

Thanks Brina and thanks Grace.  We’ve only got a few handful of interviews left, so stop back tomorrow for Rachel Donnelly.

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Celebrating a Happy Semi-Anniversary

Six months ago I held my breath as I pushed the publish button for DOLPHIN GIRL on Amazon’s KDP program.  I had high hopes as I set this book free into the wide, wild world.  Could she survive and make her way?  Would she be a washout?  A lot of people told me  to expect distribution of 100-200 copies because that was typical.  One person told me that because I was “good at marketing”, I might hit 500.

Here’s the thing. I never believed the 100 copy benchmark.

I figured if I got that desperate I could set up a table in front of my Publix supermarket and sell that many by hand.  Aspiring to break the 100 book mark seemed like saying, “I hope to pass this class.”  I never aspired to a D in my life and wasn’t about to begin now.  Who aspires to less than mediocre?  And, why bother?

So, then, the question became, what would be a good grade?  One thing I learned in business was to write that number down.  Don’t be wishy-washy.  Don’t lack direction. The number I chose to write down was 1,000 in Year One.  It was ten times higher than the 100  mark, and because I wouldn’t go out of print it could be quite a nice amount of sales a few years down the road. It seemed realistic and not overly easy.  Because what if they were right and I was wrong?  I didn’t want to sell books in front of Publix, but I would if necessary!

In December — month three of this experiment —  I sold 1,125 copies of the book between e-books and paper and Amazon Select borrows.  Paperback sales alone in December were more than 100 and so the nightmares of the table at the grocery store was never to be and I started to think about how I should adjust my goals, because they needed to be bumped quite a bit.

Pencil and calculator and little green visor (just kidding) later, the number is 10,000 in Year One. It’s 100 times higher than the naysayers, pretty respectable and, I think, realistic.  I’ll let you know in October.  So with bumped goals and a commitment to publish more books, I ventured into 2012.

Two weeks ago I published my second book, WINGING IT! and, so far, it’s doing better than the early days of DOLPHIN GIRL. What does this mean?  No idea.  No predictions.

The deal is to just focus on what’s next, and because the main character in the second book is trying to earn her wings as a Guardian, I figured I’d do a few “angelic” things to get this book going.  So right now there is a five book giveaway over at Goodreads.  It ends next week on April 9th, so if you want to enter go here.

Also next week, WINGING IT! will go free for two days: 4/10 and 4/11.  I’d tell you to mark your calendars, but I’m pretty sure my book’s free days is not one of those priority items that will make it onto your calendar.  Still, if you see the book then, by all means, go ahead and grab it!

From everything I’ve heard about free runs, this means I won’t sleep for 48 straight hours as I watch downloads pour in.  I’d love to blog about it and tell you all how it went, but I won’t be able to right away. Partially because of a lack of sleep, but mostly because starting on 4/12, Grace Lightbourne, the quirky Angel-in-Training main character from the new book, is taking over my blog for about a month to  interview a bunch of authors.

This is probably one of the most angelic things Grace has ever done.

Which really isn’t saying much.

But I hope you’ll follow Grace and the blog and get to know some of these other authors and find some great reads.  Then, I’ll be back in a little while to get bloggy again and maybe let you know about my free run and definitely let you know about the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last night.

Oh yeah, I went.  It was a beaut!

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Music (the day after) Monday — With a Little Help From My Friends

One of the things I struggle with is a perfectionism.

Is this the right word?  The right way to phrase this?  Is my grammar flawless?  How ’bout punctuation?

It’s O.K.  Or, on second thought —  is it okay?

The lyrics in this song, What would you do if I sang out of tune?  Would you stand up and walk out on me? express this fear…well, perfectly.   Joe Cocker is not Pavarotti, but I’m okay with that.  I’m also, for the record, O.K. with that.

When it comes to my writing, the thing is, I know I’m not perfect and I’m pretty sure I never will be.  In fact, look at the title of this post.  It should have been posted yesterday.  It’s not Music Tuesday, right?  Not to belabor the point or anything.

So if a part of my writing is out of tune, will readers stop reading?  Some will.  But my friends will hear the heart beneath that sour note.  Today, I was given an incredible reminder of why it’s O.K. (okay) to sing your own song, your own way.  Cassie Deaton posted a review of Dolphin Girl over at her Shadow Kisses blog.  She gets me, warts and all.  It reminds me that like Joe Cocker, I need to say, Lend me your ear and I’ll sing you a song and I’ll try not to sing out of key.

Now, let’s listen to Joe rasp and growl together, cause the guy’s got a ton of heart and soul.

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The last leg of the tour

I’ve just about wrapped up the blog tour.  This is how I’m feeling.

Thank God for coffee.

Okay, so back on November 4th, I posted about my first three stops.  This feels like it was a year ago.

Then on November 21st, I posted about stops #5, 6, 7 and 8.  That was, y’know, a couple months ago.

So, here’s a confession:  I missed #4, which was when the lovely Kai Strand hosted me for a Three Times A Charm post where I blab about some favorite books, favorite fun things to do, and, um, music.  (sorry Kai)

Fast forward to today:

This week, #9 I’m at Marie Symeou’s blog as part of a series of author interviews she’s running.  Coming up are stops #10 through #15. Or maybe #16, I’m not sure which.   I’ve also lost track of the exact dates for some, but here are the links and I’ll update this post as the details come.

Heidi Hall, aka WriterGurl1, is running a flirty, fun, fantastic series of author interviews where we all answer important questions, especially one about sunglasses.  Please look for my interview and be sure to check out the others, too.  Especially if you like chick-lit!

Kate Ellison is running an incredible promotion from December 12th – December 20th at her Southern Scrawl blog where she’s giving away books and more books.  I’ve donated an e-book and paperback of Dolphin Girl and will be revealing my favorite secondary character.  (Hint:  it’s not who you think.)

On December 13th,  My indie, my tea and me is posting a review of Dolphin Girl. I have no idea what they’re going to say.  LOL.  So, it might seem like I’m taking a huge risk to post the link to their review and, well honestly, I am.  But I’ve said to everyone that it’s an honor for someone to invest their time to read my book.  I’m also grateful for bloggers who think critically about their reviews and this blog does.  So, that’s why the link, before the rating.  Besides, deciding to indie pub was a much scarier risk, so you already know I’m a little like five-year-old Jane — either really brave or really stupid.

The Indie Book Collective is running  a Blowout for the Twelve Days of Christmas (December 12-24).  I’m one of the featured books on December 15th.  There’s no interview or post with this stop, but if you visit their site any time during the promo you can enter to win a  gift cards, gift baskets and a Kindle!  PLUS, you’ll find lots of e-books on sale.

Home.  On December 3oth.  I’m doing a Five in Five  interview with Whatcha’ Reading Now? which was a lot of fun because I got to answer silly, random questions! Plus as a bonus I got to hang with writer-pal Kerry Cerra. Plus, I’m giving away a signed book to someone who is randomly drawn from Kerry’s magic coffee mug.

Then after the first of the year — January 10-15 to be precise — I’ll be at the Great Minds Read Aloud Literary community, which is sorta like a book club, sorta like a review blog, has a forum and is pretty cool.  But wait!  That’s 2012 and I’ll post again before then.  Also, I’m pretty sure (but not completely sure) that there will be another stop or two mixed in there, but I’ll catch you up on those later.

Next week, I promise to post on something random.  In fact, it’ll be so random that I still have no idea what it’ll be about. 🙂

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