I always have a playlist for my books.  To listen to the play list for DOLPHIN GIRL click here.  

Numb by Linkin’ Park  — I blogged about how this song matches the family/school story.

Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers — This song is one of Jane’s favorites.

Hey Ya by Outkast — This song is playing at the Snow Ball when Jane walks out of the bathroom with Lexie.

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift — This song reminds me of Jane’s feelings about Sam.

Drive by Incubus — This song reflects the theme.

Stuck in a Moment by U2 — This song is how Jane feels when she moves in with John and Desiree.

Back on the Chain Gang by Pretenders — This song is played A LOT at the Halloween dance.

Raise Your Glass by P!NK — This song is played by Lexie’s band at the Snow Ball.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jett — Sam and Jane dance to this song.

Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf — THE rock anthem during the scavenger hunt.

Walk Like An Egptian by The Bangles — another song performed by Lexie’s band.

Sea of Love by The Honeydrippers — the swim

One Love by Bob Marley — the swim

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