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I’m all over the place on the web.  Honestly, I’m probably in too many places.  It seems like a lot to keep track of, but whatev.  So if you want to find me, this is where to look.

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You can also email me:  sheldelisle (at) aol (dot) com and I’ll get back to you.  It might not be right away, but it might be.


  1. Marsha Berg replied:

    I just finished reading Winging It! I’ll have to admit that I nearly put it down after the first couple of chapters, but something kept me reading. Grace appeared to be a real screw-up in the beginning, but I believe that even angels are allowed mistakes. Aisha was not my favorite character, nor was Lacey, but I’m happy with how things worked out. Tara and Finn seemed familiar. I would love to know Victor! As I occasionally recommend books to the District Media Specialist, I will make sure that Winging It! ends up on her list.

    • s h e l d e l i s l e replied:

      Thank you for reading, Marsha! And, the fact that you would recommend it is the highest praise I could receive. 🙂

  2. Whistle replied:

    Just finished ‘WISHFUL THINKING’.
    Enjoyed your characters immensely, you really brought them all to life for me.

  3. carrita campbell replied:

    i just finished reading winging it via e-book and at the back, it states that if we contact you – you will send us another book – is that still a possibility? you can reach me at thank you

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