An interview with Joelle McClure

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Grace was supposed to come back on Monday to finish up the author interviews. She didn’t.  Then, she was supposed to come back on Tuesday.

My calendar says it Wednesday and thank heaven she’s back.

Today we have Joelle McClure, author of the newly released YA novel, Puck Bunny.  Here’s a little about Joelle’s novel before Grace gets back to her interviews.

After her mother’s death, Sammi will do anything to get her father’s affections, including quitting figure skating to take up hockey. Dad’s the head coach of the Devils, an AHL hockey team. But when a brutal hit during a high school playoff game puts Sammi’s goalie career on ice, she embarks on a reckless plan to regain her father’s attention. One that will either destroy or piece back together her tattered family.

Get rid of Dad’s new fiancee? Check. Lose weight and become a stylish fashionista? Check. Make friends with the daughter of Dad’s boss? Check. But Sammi’s new frenemy sucks her into the world of puck bunnies, while Sammi’s own world spins out of control.

After Dad skips Sammi’s first art show at a local gallery, Sammi decides to up the stakes to get her dad’s attention. She hatches a plot to seduce the team’s star forward. But can she go through with it? Sammi isn’t so sure she’s fighting for Dad’s affections anymore. It’s starting to feel like she’s struggling to save herself.

That sounds incredibly original, Joelle! I haven’t seen very many books with hiockey at the center of them and I’m a fan of the sport.  Okay I’m handing you off to Grace. Sorry.

Hey, Joelle. Like Shel said Puck Bunny sounds very original.  Your Muse must be doing a great job inspiring you.  What are you working on now? 

I will actually be doing a revision of a novel I completed awhile ago. It is YA historical fiction. I got a banging idea on how to revise and set it apart from the pack of other novels set during that time period. I’m excited to get back to it!

Wow!  That’s very different from this one, which makes me wonder are you more like a character from your first book or your second?

I am definitely most like Sammi, the protagonist of PUCK BUNNY.

You’re not a goalie, though, right?  You’re a writer, which means you must like books at least as much as hockey.  So, what is your favorite book of all time?

My favorite book is Charlotte’s Web.

Oh! I don’t even read and I loved the part where she puts words into the web.  It’s so sweet.

Okay we’re gonna do a 180 degree topic change. Lets get back to those hockey players.  In your opinion what makes a guy character swoony.

Big muscles, long flowing locks, a smoldering gaze. You get the picture!

I definitely get the picture. And you know who else likes smolder—Dalya Moon, the author who kicked off this series.   

Okay, now other than getting all dreamy about smolder guy, what’s your biggest writing sin?

I procrastinate. A lot. Then a little more. 

Psst…if you promise not to tell—hold on, my author is saying I already missed two days for this interview. Sheesh, she’s a pain.

I guess we should just stop procrastinating and move along.  Would you say you’re more of a rebel or rule follower?

Total rebel. I gotta be me!

Excellent!  Now what kinds of rebel things inspire you?  

People and their life experiences and how it affects them.

That’s a pretty big category—lots of inspiration there. And, how about themes?  Any special ones?

I write about forgiveness in probably every book.

Aww…that’s very, very, very important. And I hope that means you’ll forgive me for procrastinating on this interview.

Last question.  Can I pass something along to your Guardian Angel?

Yes, tell her I said thank you!

I sure will. GAs love to hear that.

Okay everyone, if you like hockey, forgiveness and smolder check out Joelle’s book, Puck Bunny here:


And, here’s Shel again with housekeeping stuff.

Hey there, we have one more author interview in the series and I hope to be able to bring that to you next week.  In the meantime, Grace suggested she interview me, and I *reluctantly* agreed. It should go up on Friday, because to be completely honest about this she hasn’t even given me the questions yet. See you then.


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