An interview with Heidi Hall

Way back in December, Heidi Hall interviewed me for a series on her blog and she was my inspiration for hosting other authors, so, thank you, Heidi!

It’s nice to be able to return the favor by hosting her.  Here’s a little about her popular (and very funny) book Flirting With Death, the first in the Assassins Anonymous series.

Is there a twelve-step program for recovering assassins?

Kayla McKenna is a covert assassin—and she likes it. After her father was murdered by terrorists, she was consumed by the need for retribution. But landing her dream job as a CIA assassin turns out to be merely a stepping stone in her plot to avenge the heartaches of the past… and present. One botched mission earns Kayla a burn notice, a bullet hole and a one-way ticket back to suburbia. Banished to her childhood stomping grounds with a meddling, shopping-addicted mother intent on grandkids, three overprotective cop brothers, a sexy criminal who can’t decide whether he wants to shoot her or date her, and a new boyfriend even her family loves, Kayla may finally get the chance to find out what really matters in life.

That is, if living a “normal” life doesn’t kill her first.

With a delicious combination of mystery, suspense, romance, edgy chick-lit, and a dash of paranormal, the first installment of the new Assassins Anonymous series is a wickedly fun treat.

Okay. Brace yourself Heidi, I’m turning the reins over to Grace. 😀

Hi, Heidi! All your books look good to me, and if I was a reader…ah well.  But, your Muse must be doing a great job inspiring you. What’s the next project they’re helping you out on?

Well, let’s see… I’m just finishing up Love Spells, the third book in my Mystic Series. So, I suppose my muse is inspiring me to find great ways to reverse all the damage my MC (Roxy Devereaux) does when a love spell goes wrong – way, way wrong. I have another muse who is prodding me to get Love Spells FINISHED so she can figure out new ways for Kayla McKenna not to kill people for the second book in my Assassins Anonymous series, Flirting with Murder. Wow! I sound busy… (and I would be, too – if I wasn’t the queen of procrastination)!

Wow is right!  That’s a lot of characters to keep straight, which one are you most like?

Hrm, I’d like to have magical abilities like Roxy, but I think I relate best to Kayla. As different as she is from me, I think she is also the closest personality-wise. I really wish I could kick-butt like she does though – I’m a complete sissy in real life!

Sssh!  I’m gonna share a little secret with you.  I’ve got magical abilities aka super powers aka angel skills and I gotta say, they’re not all their cracked up to be. Besides, you don’t actually need them to be able to kick a teeny bit of butt (and I know you do.)

 So when you are not kicking butt, 😀 do you read, and if so what is your favorite book of all time?

Oh man, that’s such a tough question!

I know – it’s peeving everyone!

I think… nope, can’t pick one. But, I will say I enjoy Stuart Woods’ Holly Barker and Stone Barrington series (especially the earlier ones). And I’m a complete sucker for Janet Evanovich – I can’t wait to see who Stephanie Plum ends up with! I’m voting for Ranger!

My author is nodding like crazy over Ranger.  And, it’s the perfect segue to my next question:  In your opinion what makes a guy character swoony-worthy?

Definitely a guy who is equal parts rugged, tender, protective and smart. I guess those are the main characteristics I find sexy in men in real life, too. I’ll be sure to let you know when I find a guy with all of them (shhh! Don’t tell my hubby I said that) 😉

Haha!  Your secret is safe with me! But that guy sounds like the ideal date say…for a rock concert in Heaven.  If you could go (with Ranger) who would you go see?

Tupac… but wait, is he really dead? Inquiring minds want to know. Lol. Maybe Nirvana – although depending on your religion – he might not be there to put on a show.


  Hmm… I know! Elvis! I have got to see – all up close and personal – what all the fuss was about.

Alrighty, then!  Elvis it is. And I’m guessing that based on your swoon-worthy comments that this is black-leather Elvis and not white-jumpsuit Elvis.  But you should know – both ARE available.

*drum roll* Heidi it’s confession time. What’s your biggest writing sin?

Procrastination (sung to the beat of Rod Stewart’s Infatuation). I can think of a million other important things to do when I need to be writing – especially if I’m the least bit blocked. BTW, the “important” things I usually end up doing tend to involve peanut M&Ms, the Mahjong app on my Kindle Fire, and a rerun of Tosh.0, Jersey Shore, NCIS, or a plethora of other shows I’ve seen a million times!

*whispers* There are a couple of us who procrastinate. Maybe we need a support group?  We could enlist Jack Blaine? And he’s a rebel, too.  Are you more of a rule follower or a rebel? Why?

I’m a rule follower who thinks she’s a rebel. I don’t believe I could actually ever be a rebel though, because I’m afraid of confrontation – and have a deep-seated fear of disappointing peopleL. I suppose what I really am is boring with a vivid imagination.

Aww…you’re not boring, except for maybe the Mahjong thing. ;D (just kidding) Now what other than Mahjong and peanut M&Ms and your Kindle Fire and your Muse, of course, inspires you.  

Happy endings – I always look at a situation that doesn’t end well and rewrite it in my mind so it does. I am a sucker for happy endings!

Me too, Heidi.  That’s what my whole Guardian Angel career choice was about. Now, what themes do you write about or what do you want readers to take from your books.

I just want readers to be entertained. I suppose there are messages in my writing about doing the right thing and finding out what really matters in life. But, really, my writing is a source of entertainment for me (and others, I hope). I have a fan who calls my books “dessert for the brain.” I hope they are – I love dessert!

You should tell your fan that desserts is stressed spelled backwards so that’s why they help people to feel better. Just like laughter and Guardian Angels. And while we’re talking about that, is there anything you’d like me to mention to yours?

Well, if it isn’t too much trouble, can my guardian angel somehow get me front page exposure on the Amazon site? That would be a big help ;-). Thanks for interviewing me!

You are very welcome! And on the front page deal – I’m gonna have to see if your Guardian knows Jeff Bezos’ Guardian and if they get along and—

 Well, let’s just say, I’m on it! 

Hey, everyone! Please don’t wait for me to work the Guardian Angel network to get in touch with Jeff Bezos.  You should just go check out Heidi’s books right now!


And, please look for Heidi in these other popular on-line hangouts.



Twitter: @WriterGurl1

Shel here, and thanks for stopping by Heidi.  And readers, if you haven’t seen the other author interviews, By Grace Lightbourne, the always brash and usually clueless main character from Winging It!,  the series started here with Dalya Moon.


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