An Interview with Emily Ward

It’s Day 2 of the interviews and I’m excited to have Emily Ward here today.  She’s the author of Finding Fiona and the recently published, Promising Light, that is set in a world with shape changers and royals.

Here’s a peek:

Grace began a secret courtship with Dar for the thrill of doing something against her father, the king’s general. She hadn’t planned on falling in love with him. When Dar suddenly leaves her, she searches for answers, reluctant to let him go.

Everyone seems determined to keep the truth from her—until she’s kidnapped by Dar’s family. They’re shape changers who claim she can break a curse set on them ten years ago by the Protectors, a group of noblemen determined to stifle magic in the name of safety.

Torn between two worlds, Grace isn’t sure who to trust. If the curse endures, Dar’s family could die out forever. But to help them, she’ll have to leave behind everything she knows.

Book One of The Protectors Series. Set two years after The Protectors prequels

Okay. Take it away Grace.  That’s my Grace, not Emily’s Grace:

Hiya, Emily! I noticed your Muse is doing a great job inspiring you. What’s the next project they’re helping you out on?

Right now, I’m working on the sequel to my fantasy novel Promising Light. It has lots of political intrigue, romance, and there’s a war brewing between the shape changers and the royals. Plus my characters get into all kinds of troublesome situations that seem impossible to get out of. Sequels are fun, but hard because you want it to be just as good as the first one! At least, *I* think the first one is good. . .

Oh, it already sounds really good when you mention shape changers and royals.  So, which of your characters are you most like?

Probably Grace, the main character of Promising Light. I was pretty naive when it came to boys (oh, man, did I make some dumb mistakes, but I am super lucky to have my husband now!), passionate, determined. These days, I feel a little more level-headed, but we both still have some growing up to do. Grace is confused at first in Promising Light, torn between the shape changers and the royals, but through the story, she really finds out what she wants and she firmly decides what she believes is right and wrong. I feel like we have a lot in common in that aspect. I went through a similar struggle — not with a magical family and a curse they thought I could break — but with my spiritual beliefs and worldview.

Omigosh, my name is Grace, too. What a coincidence! But, I’m never confused like your Grace, at least I don’t think so, um…what was the next question?  Oh, yeah. What’s your favorite book of all time?

All time? Oh, gosh, that’s so hard. Well, I really like the Bible (I swear I’m not just saying that to suck up ;), but if we’re talking fiction. . .The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Such beautiful prose, great story, a heart-wrenching ending. It really made me think about the power of words.

“Suck up” Ha! That cracks me up. Hahaha—okay, I’m gonna check out that book about the thief.  Pretty sure my author has that one.  

Now, in your opinion what makes a guy character swoony-worthy?

Someone who treats others with respect (especially the person he’s romantically interested in). Funny, smart, noble, brave. Maybe has a few secrets and mystery to make things interesting, but there are a few books where the best friend definitely trumps the secretive new guy. Good looks don’t hurt, either 😉

*swoon* Yep, that sounds pretty good.  So, if you could go to a rock concert in Heaven, like with that guy, who would you go see? (*hint* you have to pick someone who is dead)

Queen with the awesome Freddie Mercury. Although that doesn’t really work because not everyone in Queen is dead. . .do you think people could do everything else while Freddie sings? Because that would be AWESOME. If not, then Michael Jackson. Equally awesome.

I can guarantee you that Freddy has an awesome back-up band until the rest of Queen gets there.  Okay—Confession time! What’s your biggest writing sin?

I tend to forget setting and description. I see the place in my head and I have to force myself during revisions to explain where the characters are and what’s going on around them. And what they look like, instead of mentioning hair color once in the beginning and then completely dropping it.

That doesn’t sound very big.  Huh, what’s that? Hold on, my author is interrupting. *rolls eyes* She says, “That’s what second drafts are for.” Sheesh, she’s annoying. Anyway…are you more of a rule follower or a rebel? Why?

Overall, I think I’m a rule follower. I follow the speed limit, pay my taxes, mind my p’s and q’s. I was about to say I do my homework, but I really only do it if I’m going to get graded. I sometimes rebel against society’s values. For example, I’d take a good book over reality TV any day (that reminds me, I need to catch up on America’s Next Top Model). My opinions may not be popular with a lot of people. So maybe I’m a closet rebel? I rebel when it counts? Maybe I’m just trying to make myself sound more badass than I really am.

You sound a little like me, which makes you a teeny bit bad ass. Oh, and I almost rebelled in a closet one time, but that’s a long story.  Involving Victor. Hmm…maybe another day?  Better to get back on track.  What — other than your Muse, of course — inspires you?

Good books and talented authors! I love reading a great book and thinking, ‘Wow, I could write a story like that!’ When an author really makes me care about the characters and what happens to them, I try to analyze how they did it and apply it to my own story. There are some stories that just fill me with energy and I’ll go write a couple thousand words. Susan Bischoff’s Talent Chronicles series, The Hunger Games, Tomorrow When the War Began — they all inspire me to write just as well.

Aww…that is really, really nice.  And as far as themes—what do you write about or what do you want readers to take from your books?

The Protectors series deals with prejudice and bigotry quite a bit. There are magical families in this world and one in particular, the shape changers, are being persecuted. I love writing about the dynamics between the oppressive class (the Protectors, the royals) and the oppressed and how they deal with the problems they have to deal with. I have a few other novels that deal with the same issues of bigotry. I drew a lot of inspiration from the Civil Rights era and countless other examples of bigotry in Earth’s history.

I try to emphasize the power of family and love in my books as well as forgiveness and reconciliation. I love restoring broken relationships and watching my characters overcome their obstacles either with the help of loves ones or out of love for them. I hope people are inspired by that to think about the special people in their lives. And to consider that we’re all people and deserve respect, regardless of what we look like or what our culture or gender or age or fill-in-the-blank may be.

Yes to all that! And fill in the blank is important too. Okay, last thing. Is there anything you’d like me to mention to your Guardian Angel? I’ve got a special cell phone and could give them a call. 

Tell her to take care of our plane as we go to Europe! My husband and I are going to Spain and France (as I’m sure she knows) and I’d like to get back home to see our kitties. And tell her (him?) thanks for having my back.

Will do.  You have a wonderful flight and trip, Emily.


Hi all, doesn’t this book sound awesome? You can find it here:


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Hi everyone,

We’re going to take a break on Saturday and Sunday, but we’ll be back Monday  with author Kate Avery Ellison.  In the meantime, this is the last day Winging It! will be at 99 cents and you can grab it here.


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