Here. There. And Everywhere.

Okay, maybe not everywhere.  But I am kicking off a book tour for Dolphin Girl this week along with the release of the paperback.  I’ll be popping in at different blogs for the next two months talking about the book and writing and other junk.  After that, I’ll probably be ready to head home and take a well-deserved nap.

In the unlikely event that you’re having breakfast or playing a game of Angry Birds and you ask yourself, “Hmmm…I wonder where Shel Delisle is on her blog tour today?”  you can always find out by clicking on the Events page.  It has the same picture as this post, so if you click over don’t freak out or anything.  You’re not having a Twilight Zone moment.  I’m just messing with your head.

I’ll try to keep the listing up-to-date, but it’s already missing a few stops and this is the beginning. Like the first day.  And I’m behind.

Yeah, I know.  Slacker.

I’ll also tweet, Facebook message and drop details into my posts, while trying very, very hard to avoid becoming annoying about it!

So, are you a little curious about my stops?  It was a busy week.  Below are my visits and while the Internet isn’t really anywhere, it’s also everywhere.  This lets me pretend that I’m really travelling, so I’ll note where my hosts reside, because that’s kinda interesting.  At least to geeky me it is. 🙂  And, we’re off!

First stop:  Austin, Texas.  The Ultimate YA Reading Group made me their Featured Author for the month of November, which is an incredible, unbelievable  honor. This is a group of fabulous teen bookworms who run a Facebook community and a tumblr.   Throughout the month, they’ll  post bits and pieces about me or Dolphin Girl and it can all be found right here! Thanks so much for having me guys!

Second stop:  Coral Springs, Florida.  J.P. Taravella High school librarian Cathy Castelli hosted me for a talk as part of her series about author’s purpose.  The video (and Cathy’s channel!) can be found here on YouTube.  If you head over to watch it, be sure to turn up the volume.  I’m not as loud as needed to be.  Or, if you prefer, leave the volume off and watch me wave my hands around.  A lot.

Third stop:  North Carolina.  Shana Norris hosts me on her blog where she asked a lot of interesting questions and I attempted to answer them without using too many run-on sentences.  I recently finished reading Shana’s popular e-book The Boyfriend Thief and I loved it!  I also felt like Dolphin Girl might appeal to the same kind of readers.  So check her out.  Or check me out.  Or check the both of us out.

Okay, that’s it for this week!  Next week, I’ll be back blogging about random stuff again but I’ll have brief commercial messages for where you can find me.

Oh, and one more thing!  My husband wants me to mention that the e-book is on sale at  Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.  And, the paperback is available at Amazon.  There, done.  Happy, hon?


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