Music Monday — Taylor Swift

So this might seem really, really, really different than  the songs I ordinarily feature on Music Mondays.  But, I love the high school first love feel of this song.  I blogged here about how Linkin Park’s song Numb feels a lot like the story I tell in Dolphin Girl.  But if that song tells the story of Jane’s family and her struggle with isolation, this song tells the story of the romance with Sam.

One is edgy, one is sweet.  Smoosh ’em together and you’ll get Jane’s vibe.


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  1. kristinamiranda replied:

    One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists!

    I love the romance in Dolphin Girl between Sam and Jane. This song sums up the feelings a girl (or a guy) has when the object of their affection is having trouble seeing the obvious…we are meant for eachother!

  2. painontherise replied:

    Thanks for friending me on Goodreads!

    Thought I’d throw in my feeling on this one: It’s an older person’s idea of high school, maybe what they wanted it to be in retrospect, what they wanted to say or feel. It isn’t what a high school kid’s reality is. My perspective is influenced by my 16-year old being the Homecoming Prince (11th grade) at his high school earlier this month in a similar football scene.

    I was reminded of what high school really is on Monday this week. I saw a crowd of high school kids gathering in front of the escalators leading to the train as I passed through the turnstiles. Both escalators were programmed to carry people down to the tracks, but the kids were hesitating. The left escalator was almost empty as the kids finally crowded into the right escalator as one of them dared to move and the others compulsively followed. No high schoolers used the left escalator with me ten feet away as they streamed downstairs like a flock of birds.

    Paul Rice

  3. s h e l d e l i s l e replied:

    Yes, Kristina, totally.

    Hi Paul *waves*,

    Thanks for finding me on Goodreads and stopping by the blog!

    While I’d agree with you that most of the time the “prince” won’t pick the less obvious girl, I think it’s aspirational. Like Cinderella. And, there are times that he does, otherwise we wouldn’t have any underdog stories at all.

    The part I must respectfully disagree about is “the older person’s view of high school.” Don’t you know you should never call a lady “old”? LOL.
    Not to mention that Taylor Swift and the song are so popular with kids in high school and middle school (my book would actually appeal more to the younger-end of this group.)

    Finally, I definitely agree that a lot of kids are like sheep. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always fade. Even with maturity. Thinking for ourselves is hard, so please know that I absolutely respect your opinion, even if it’s not the same as mine.

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