Got the Time

Any fans of Joe Jackson out there?  This is an old song I think about all the time.   Back in the early eighties (boy, does that date me!) when I first heard this, it struck me as pretty funny.  Who would ever worry about time like this?  I mean, just listen to this guy for a minute.  He’s a little obsessive, right?

But then I got older—no,  I won’t tell you how much older!—and started to worry about time too.  I hear the tick, tick, ticking in my head like ole Joe.  It’s not so much that there are days where I hear it incessantly, like the song, but there are moments where I look at my children and say Whoa!  Where did it go?   And unfortunately, there isn’t always a good answer.

Time, like life, is a precious gift.  It shouldn’t be wasted or taken lightly.  And while I can appreciate living in the moment, when I hear the tick I worry that there may not be enough for everything I want to do before my time is up.  It’s enough to make me want to make changes and take risks.  It’s enough to make me feel like Steppin’Out, which is another Joe Jackson song I’ve always liked.  In fact, IMO it’s better than the first!  Here…check Joe out!  Isn’t he a dorkus majorcus?  But in a completely lovable way, right?  So until next time…I’m Steppin’ Out


July 13, 2011. Tags: , . music, YouTube stuff.

One Comment

  1. Kristina Miranda replied:

    I feel the same way about time, Michelle. It’s a precious gift. There is so much I want to do in this life, so I try not to waste it. Keep up the good posts! : )

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